Ultra Gay Massage




Nice to meet you.  My name is Kenichi Yasuhara.




 23-year-old fighter, 5 years of manipulative experience, 1 year of gay massage experience Enjoy the ultra gay massage ❗



※i can simply english❕




Procedure to get a massage

① Inquiry


Please fill in the following from our reservation / inquiry form and contact us.



■ Desired date and time, course


 ■ Your name (a pseudonym is fine)


 ■ Phone number


  ■which are you hope use a private room or a business trip?



If you do not receive a reply from here, please check if you have set the domain on your mobile phone.  In addition, our shop strictly adheres to the privacy of our customers.  Please be assured that personal information will not be disclosed to third parties other than me, the store manager.


② On the day of treatment


When you are on a business trip, we will visit your home or hotel 5 minutes before the start time.


 When using a private room, please come to the address given by e-mail when the reservation is made about 10 minutes in advance.


③ Payment




 Our shop is a prepaid system.  Prostate massage and regular gay massage are different in price.


※cash only❕


④ After entering the room




 If you have any requests, please feel free to contact us.  Please take a shower after entering the room.  Our shop uses additive-free and fragrance-free products that do not leave a scent on the body and are gentle on the skin, so that even those who live with partners and families can feel free to visit us.  So don't worry.




 Let's gay massage!



Price list







 60 minutes 9000 yen






 90 minutes 13000 yen






 120 minutes 16,000 yen






 150 minutes 19000 yen






 180 minutes 22000 yen






 Extension every 30 minutes 3000 yen






 * There is no charge for private rooms, but please note that you may be charged for transportation if you are on a business trip.




 * Prostate massage is an extra charge.



Prostate massage price list







 60 minutes 9000 yen






 90 minutes 13000 yen






 120 minutes 16000 yen






 150 minutes 19000 yen






 180 minutes 22,000 yen






 Extension every 30 minutes 3000 yen






 * It is necessary to clean the inside of the prostate before back surgery.


 Please note that you may not be able to receive it if it has not been cleaned.




 * Please be assured that there will be no additional charges such as private room charges.




Hirosimastation Noth entrancnce from 5 minuite by walk.

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Business day


every day open am9:00 ~pm 11:30

メモ: * は入力必須項目です